At MyRealBestToolChest, we understand that life can be tough and confusing, especially when it comes to family matters. That's why we're here to provide you with the gear and support you need to build bridges and strengthen your relationships. Our focus is on quick synergy and DNA-based solutions, rather than resorting to extreme measures or costly litigation. 

Having discovered the Deprivations Factor (DF), a crucial concept unveiled in our book, akin to the wind chill factor, through our sponsors and partners we can now provide kids and parents with the essentials like warm opportunities to safegard themselves against deprivations.

Olivia, a teenager from an underprivileged neighborhood, lacked access to reliable transportation, mentorship, and extracurricular activities (D-3). A local organization sponsored her participation in a mentorship program and provides access to transportation to after-school sports, opening doors to opportunities and empowerment (U+).

Leveraging the power of D- and U+ unitizations from the book, together we provide comprehensive understanding of unitized deprivations and undeprivations, enabling targeted strategies to address obstacles and foster equity and well-being. By quantifying and evaluating the cumulative impact of factors hindering progress, D- unitizations identify areas for improvement, while U+ unitizations assess the effectiveness of positive actions and initiatives, driving meaningful change.

We want to help you navigate the complexities of family and social life to ensure that you and your children have the support you need to thrive. Whether you're facing a difficult family divorce, social barriers, or simply struggling to stay connected with your kids because of a disability or deployment, our innovative tools, sponsors and training can help you bridge the gaps and find new ways to grow together. Contact us today to learn more about our approach and to see how we can help you make a way organically with first alerts (D+), safety first (U+), confidence (Time Machine) and solidarity (Sponsors). 


Who we are


Principles of Operations

Mission Statement:

MyRealBestToolChest is committed to helping communitiesm families and children prevent adversity, cultivate self-sufficiency, and restore hope through the provision of innovations that directly address their physical, emotional, and social needs. Our ultimate goal is to glorify God through our work, while serving everyone regardless of race, religion, or gender.


MyRealBestToolChest by Winplex Connect is a private social innovation agency that assists struggling families, children and humanity in America with the provision of tools and resources. We offer innovations designed to meet their physical, emotional, and social needs, while promoting self-sufficiency and preventing adversity. Since our inception, we have served thousands of peers, and we currently operate from multiple locations throughout the Midwest.


At MyRealBestToolChest, our vision is to empower families and individuals to build bridges and overcome obstacles with confidence and ease, creating a world where everyone has the tools they need to thrive.

Core Values:

Together, our vision and core values guide us in our mission to provide the tools and resources families need to build bridges and overcome obstacles, creating a brighter future for all.